7 Kenya Safari Destinations | Luxury African Holidays

Two lions walking in front of a safari vehicle in Masai Mara, Kenya.

7 Kenya Safari Destinations | Luxury African Holidays

Kenya safari tours bring up images of intriguing cheetah and charming sunsets. Known for its scenic landscapes, a vast array of wildlife, and the 48th largest country by total area in the world, it’s obvious why many people love visiting this country.

The Tourism and Wildlife sector is the third-largest contributor to Kenya’s GDP, the funds from wanderlust-stricken tourists are used to conserve the beauty, animals, and picturesque landscapes.

So, it makes sense that there are about 40 different reserves, national parks, and sanctuaries throughout the country. The choice of what to see, or where to set up camp can be quite overwhelming. Especially when you’re like us and would like to see everything.

From Kenyan luxury safaris to planned tours, we’ve researched all of the wonderful places that you should visit while hopping about Kenya. Keep reading to find out where!


Impala running in front of a safari vehicle in Kenya

Luxury Safaris in Kenya

After a stressful few months – or years – hard at work, we’re all dreaming of a safari, and luckily Kenya has you covered. Most of what Kenya has to offer is lavish and extraordinarily relaxing. Don’t forget the adrenaline rush from seeing cheetahs catching prey or watching a herd of elephants at the watering hole. We’ve found some of the most sought-after Kenya safari holidays. Simply take your pick.

Amboseli National park

Known as the best place to get up close and personal with the elephants that roam the region, the Amboseli National Park is arguably one of the best safaris in Kenya. There is a multitude of birdlife and just as much wild game to observe.

Where to Stay

With strict rules to ensure your safety and that of the animals, look no further than the andbeyond Ol Tukai Lodge for a luxury stay.

After a walking safari at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro before breakfast, you can rewrite the definition of peaceful. Experience their candlelit four-course meals or receive a much-needed massage, only four hours away from Nairobi. You might even find yourself around a bonfire watching Masai warriors perform battle songs. Snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro viewed from the Amboseli National Park

Lake Nakuru

With camping and game viewing as the main activities, this place calls out to the amateur botanist with over 550 varying plant species in the area. If you’re a Euphorbia lover, Lake Nakuru is one of the best Kenya safaris consisting of the biggest Euphorbia forests in Africa. This safari offers you wonderful waterfalls, wildlife, and woodlands to make your stay just that much more mesmerizing.

Where to Stay

Book yourself in at the Lake Nakuru Lodge for an all-inclusive stay that will only set you back by about $690 per night.

Click here to check prices and book. 

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara and safaris in Kenya are basically synonymous. Expect to be dazzled at Masai Mara National Reserve where you can choose to explore in a hot-air balloon. The local Masai people will welcome you while the quality of services provided will spoil you.

Where to Stay

At the Ashnil Mara Lodge, you’ll experience royalty-level tented camps.  Alongside the warm and friendly locals, you’ll be able to enjoy your safari in a few different ways and delve deeper into the mystical lands of luxury safaris in Kenya for only $225 per night.

Hot air ballon safari gliding over the Masai Mara grasslands, overlooking the wildebeest migration

Tsavo East

If complete luxury is not your thing, you could always find something a little bit more your style. There are always camping options which are just as safe and exciting but allow you to feel just that much more a part of nature.

Where to Stay

With what they call the ultimate safari experience, Satao Camp on Tsavo East will wake you up with herds of elephants taking their morning bath while you’re sipping your morning coffee. After that, you can head to Satao Elerai camp which is located in Amboseli, feed the nyala, and meet the community.

Kenya Safari Tour

If you’re looking for an addition to your regular safari, look no further.

Nairobi National Park

Looking for something a little bit more urban? Book an all-inclusive Nairobi safari package. Can you imagine yourself feeding a giraffe or seeing a rare Sokoke cat? 7km away from the city, there are safari walks and animal orphanages where you can do just that. You could even choose to “adopt” an orphaned animal.

Feeding an orphaned giraffe some breakfast at the Nairobi animal orphanage

Different Kenya Safari Holiday Activities

Mount Elgon National Park

Seeing the Big 5 and other animals is great. But, the mountains in Kenya can offer you just as much as the grasslands do. For the person that would like another little shot of adventure, see Mount Elgon National Park.

This mountain is halved by the Ugandan-Kenyan border, 87 miles northeast of Lake Victoria. It has a few diverse terrains for you to trek through as well as some caves to find. We haven’t heard of any treasures just yet, except for the salt that herds of duiker, bushbuck, and buffalo head out in search of. In our opinion, that’s quite treasurous in itself.

Kiunga Marine

For those who absolutely adore the ocean – do not fret. Kenya still has you covered. There are coral reefs bursting with fish that are waiting to meet you! They’ve got a multitude of marine sanctuaries as well where you can do all your favorite things like snorkeling, diving, and wind-surfing.

Our favorite is Kenya Wildlife Service’s, Kiunga Marine. It is accessible by speedboat, car, and plane, and $15 gets you in. Why not add this to your safari checklist?

Overlooking the ocean in Mombasa, Kenya

Final thoughts on a Kenya Safari

Well, there you have it. 7 Safari locations in Kenya where you can set up camp, live luxuriously for a few days and see as many animals, birds, or plants as possible. Take your family, your best friend, or your significant other. Spoil yourselves with just about anything that nature can provide – reset your clock and come back refreshed.

It’s okay if Kenya doesn’t seem to fit the bill right now. Africa herself has some rival views and experiences for you to pursue. Check out the penguins in Cape Town if your feathers are a little bit ruffled.



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